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You think you know, but you have no idea.

This is the about page of Jes Fama...


I know I'm probably supposed to write this like someone else is writing this for me, but no one else is. Hi, it's me, Jes Fama. I'm going to share some info on myself for you. It might not be that interesting but it's all a part of what makes me who I am. So read on, or don't!

I grew up in Massachusetts and yes I'm a Masshole! I like to talk. I ask questions. I love my family. My mom is my best friend. Baron, my dog, is my official mascot for everything.

  My entire life I was made aware of how much I talk. Especially from teachers. Looking back on this it always makes me wonder why no one saw this gift to gab as great thing, like, to nurture it, Instead of chastise it. Random thoughts, sorry. There will most likely, definitely be, more of those. Also, as far back as my memory takes me music was always in my life. (and before memory because I've heard recordings and videos with music and myself) My parents were cool and totally helped in my love for diverse music. I mean when I was in fifth grade Doggystyle from Snoop Dogg came out and my parents actually got it for me on my birthday and Nirvana's In Utero. (ON CASSETTE TAPE). More great examples from my parents: During an awesome charity event my mom and I were volunteering at, she let me pick when we would break. I chose during Aerosmith's set, that was my first real life concert, and holy crap it was amazing! When I was 12 they took me to the mall to get the KoRn album because I heard Blind and needed it that night. I'm just saying back in the day we couldn't just go on the computer and poof, listen to anything and everything and hit a click and buy button. You had to sometimes reserve an album early to make sure you had a copy. Or, have an adult buy it because they put that “parental advisory” sticker on music. Anyways, thanks mom and dad for always supporting my music habit. So music has always been in my life, I love it. The way it can make you feel; so many different ways and some songs a different way every time.

Let's move forward here, if you're still reading that is. At this point most of my friends were like “let's start a band” so I started going to a ton of band rehearsals, driving my friends with no cars (damn musicians) and being able to watch a song start from nothing and be transformed into a story with meaning. Then see them perform it live in front of an audience of strangers, people who don't know them but somehow connect to what they are doing or saying. This is around the time I decided that there are amazing and fun stories to be shared from the music masters.

Fast forward because we've all had stories we can share later.

Are you still reading? Cool!!!

I attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with a BA in Communications. (of course) While there, I met some of the most amazing people and started my time at BTV, a local news station. Jim Moore, professor, friend, and all around talent threw me in front of the camera on my third day. I would like to make a quick shout out to everyone who reads off of a tela-prompter because that shit is hard. So props!! While at the studio I was free to explore new and fun stories, so I did from Halloween haunted house specials to Winter Extraveganzas and of course music and the people that are making it! At the time MTV was struggling to call itself anything to do with music and there seemed to be a fading platform for artists to speak about who they are and what they want their music to represent, and all the late night shows just had a band on to play out the show and say get their album, but no questions. So, that was the start to exactly what I wanted to do...make a show for the music again.

Then I graduated and moved to Los Angeles the city of... well, not Massholes, that's for sure. I'm sure most of you will vouch for me that it takes time to get used to this city, if you ever do! I got a job and did all that fun stuff blah, blah blah. Then I landed this dj gig for a very small station in Hollywood and had a half hour show called “Nothing New” where I played music and spoke about it. It was a great stepping stone for me, and to see that even though I can't afford to make a television show, I can still make a mark and hopefully a difference for band or a fan.

So here we are, here I am, and a few shows later I have decided on “Almost Fama” it's my favorite to date. It makes sense, it's a cool riff off my name, and I loved that movie! My show is a platform for musicians, artists, producers, movers and shakers or anyone for a love of music. I want to give them a voice, speak on their own behalf and share with me whatever they feel is necessary, and maybe I'll even get more out of 'em! I hope you enjoy it. I hope I bring you at least one band that you fall in heavy like with, or learn something new about a band or artist that you didn't know before. I'm always open to show suggestions or bands to check out. Please keep in mind: No divas allowed. Thanks

And if you actually read all this, thanks a bunch and if you have any other questions for me, ask!

Create your own universe.


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