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Thanks for tuning in! I'm Jes Fama, Host, Journalist, Master Of Ceremonies, Brain Picker and just a girl following her dreams. Almost Fama serves as a vessel to project my passions, and share fun and entertaining information about the world and my guests. I love what I do, and want others to see that shine through. From red carpets to rock shows, interviews and the news, I'll bring you a mishmash of it all!  So, sit back, relax, and watch on!

New Episode! 

Talking about LOVE with artist, Rachele Royale!

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Waiting on normalcy in the world...


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"Music, you know, true music, not just rock ‘n’ roll – it chooses you. It lives in your car, or alone, listening to your headphones – you know, with the vast, scenic bridges and angelic choirs in your brain." – Lester Bangs

Almost Fama, its content, web design and upkeep, webcast and podcast is created and produced by Jes Fama  • 2021 •

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